Monday, 9 July 2018


Frantics - The Whip
Sandy Nelson - Secret Agent Man
Alessandro Alessandroni - Domenica In Riveria
Velvetones - Beetle Walk
Mystics - Donauwellen
Arulan - Ibung Ibung
Johnny Beeman-  Laffin’ Beatnik’
Mar-Keys - The Dribble
Ray Cathode - Time Beat
Donnie Boyd & His Phantom Guitar - Waggle Part II
Exotic Guitars - A Taste Of Honey
Science Fiction Corporation - Monster On Saturn
Messer Chups - Lipstick Twang
Los Plantronics - Bobby Peru
Rocket Science - Tomorrow’s Soundtrack For Today’s Swinging Generation
Silver Strings - Goodbye My Love
Gramatik - Balkan Express
Man Or Astro-Man - The Powerful Fully-Transistorised Dick Tracy Two-Way Radio
Superstars Of Planet Vixen - Doom Machine 2169

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